Spillway, Dam A Great Hole

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Spillway is a big hole in the dam (dam) is actually a method for controlling the release of water to flow from the dam or embankment to the downstream areas.

http://www.salijoon.info/mail/871023/hofre/8Monticello% 20Dam.jpg

Spillway or valve helps prevent flooding, so water levels do not exceed limits set that can destroy a dam. This is usually done at the time of the floods.

In normal times, are used to remove the dam sluice water regularly for use as power generation, water supply and so forth.

Spillway located above the reservoir (water storage reservoirs). Dams may also have a valve or sluice gate can be operated to release flood flows.

http://www.funonthenet.in/images/stories/forwards/morning% 20glory% 20spillway/Lake-Berryessa-end.jpg


There are two types of spillways:

Controlled spillway has a mechanical structure or gate to regulate water flow rate. This design allows to adjust the height of the dam allowed to be used for storage of water throughout the year, and when a flood could be removed by opening one or more of the spillways.

Not Controlled
Uncontrolled spillway, do not have doors, when the water rose above the lip or the top of the valve that was started out of the reservoir. Discharge rate is controlled only by the depth of water in the reservoir. All storage volume in the reservoir at the top of spillway can only be used for temporary storage of flood water, and can not be used as water storage because it is usually empty.

How to Work Spillway

File: Bonneville Dam spillway cross-section.png


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