The Legendary Michael Jordan and his 23 Secrets of Success

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Why do I write a secret success of Michael Jordan? First, MJ is one of the successful leaders I admire. At first I did not hobby is playing basketball, but I am happy if you see a basketball event in television. That’s because I want to see MJ in the game. MJ passion and fighting spirit have inspired me in my resolve failures, especially in the 1997 financial crisis when the situation until the year 2000 .. Had MJ
helped me become a stronger person, in short, MJ has played a part in my life.

Second, the MJ is one of the worldwide figure, almost everyone, and maybe you’ve heard or read the story of greatness MJ. MJ success story worthy of imitation and becomes an inspiration to us all.

Why are there 23 secret, rather than 18 or other numbers? This is to honor the legend of Michael Jordan’s back using the number 23 when he defended the Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan in action

David Beckham, legendary soccer player from England, confessed fan of basketball and is idolized Michael Jordan, Beckham was finally selected to be the number one jersey with the Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jackson, namely 23while playing for Real Madrid, Spain. “I am a big fan of Michael Jordan. To be able to use the same uniform then it will feel special, “Beckham said as reported by Yahoosports, Saturday, 09/01/2007).

Ronaldinho, Players Bercelona Spain, which is idolized football lovers turned out to also have an idol. His idol is NBA basketball legend Michael Jordan. Even MJ became his inspiration. Dream soccer star Ronaldinho, Brazil to meet with MJ materialized after he met with this NBA basketball legend in Barcelona, Spain, Monday (23/10/2007). Ronaldinho and MJ met together in the promo tour was initiated by a sports product.

The meeting was interesting because the spectacle of the gridiron’s Brazilian star admitted during this highly admired figure of MJ. Without the clumsy striker who is now grazing in Barcelona declared impressed every action watched MJ.Moreover, the basketball star has donated a record six-time champion Chicago Bulls in the competition for the prestigious NBA basketball.

No wonder when Ronaldinho confessed MJ achievements became his inspiration for working hard on the gridiron. On that occasion, also submitted his praise for Ronaldinho MJ concern over the development of the current young generation
this. He also asked MJ to ways of being admired role model who children worldwide.

Another story from the UCLA basketball coach Steve Lavin said, “At UCLA we have a team of 23 principles. Why 23? It’s to honor Michael Jordan.

Series this article is the summary from various sources such as books: The Magic of Teamwork, But May Fail to Keep Trying, How to Be Like Mike. You can also see a collection of DVDs MJ namely: His Airness, Ultimate Jordan, Michael Jordan – Off Court (VCD), Road To Victory (VCD).

The reason I wrote the serial MJ, because I was so impressed with what he was doing. MJ how to communicate with him so that he can do whatever he wants. And how to MJ pioneering career success, both in the field as a star, and off the field as a businessman, advertising and current stars as the owner of a club in the NBA.

Through this article, you will be more familiar figure of Michael Jordan who was also in the coach by Anthony Robbins (World # 1 Success Coach) at the beginning of his career. MJ knew what to do and how he acted when the
the field and off the field. Let us with a clear heart to learn from MJ about the secret of his success that made him a star.

Michael Jordan, The Legend of the World Basketball sports know several names as their own legends. Boxing
Mohammad Ali there. Pele and Maradona soccer there. There is a Tiger Woods golf. Michael Schumacher’s F1 race there. And, in basketball, there is one name that is considered the most influential up to now, Michael Jordan.

For one last name, though already retired from the sport who raised his name, but he seemed irreplaceable. Several names are considered as the next Jordan-American in basketball arenas, the NBA, still can not
replace fame. Number T-shirt-23-till now also be hung from the ceiling hall of fame as the appreciation of his achievement.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is indeed a very complete figure. In the field, his ability no doubt. Various attractions were served during the game. He was not even mentioned anymore as an athlete, but
has become a movie actor who invites click amazed audiences. Because of that, it’s no wonder, as she had decided to retire early-in 1993-the number of spectators at the world basketball decline.

Basketball world seemed to lose his soul. Nevertheless, a comment that asks MJ back in the field continues to reverberate. And, it was finally realized by MJ to rejoin the Chicago Bulls team in 1995. “I am stepping down
felt it was no longer a challenge. And I am back again because I feel there is now a new challenge, “said MJ in an interview.

MJ was a phenomenal figure. If some people feel less comfortable when meeting with obstacles and barriers, he was actually looking for it. For example, when he returned from retirement, indirectly, he challenged the basketball player who is considered as his successor, Kobe Bryant. In a game of stars, he is in action trying to subdue his junior.

This is also indicated when the initial period of tuition. Because it did not have sufficient height to enter the main team, he had removed. But instead of feeling desperate, he continued to practice alone until his height
sufficient. Although still considered less than ideal, he was able to score eventually became convinced that the main choice. “I can accept failure, but I can not accept if I have not tried,” said MJ reveal the secrets of success.

Challenges and obstacles are often precisely so the amplifier itself to achieve.Once, when he began to enter the NBA professional teams, because of its brilliant achievements, he actually had “excommunicated” by the senior players. “When we want to achieve something, there would be no barrier. I also see him as well as others. But, should it need not stop us. Just now found the wall, do not think giving up, but try to jump and skip, “said MJ. With this conviction, MJ was able to turn challenges as a stepping stone to achieve success it could have.

Michael Jordan

Now, a very tacky MJ as NBA icon. Nevertheless, other basketball legends such as Larry Bird was up to comment on, “God disguised as Michael Jordan.”Phenomenal achievement she is often invited to create inspiring many people in various fields. “I have more than 9000 times failed to make shots. I’ve lost almost 300 times in the match. At least, 26 times I was trusted to become executioners decisive victory and I failed. I failed over and over again in my life. And, that’s why I’m successful, “said MJ in his speech several times.

Here’s a summary: 23 Success Secrets of Michael Jordan:

Secret # 1: Everything starts from a Dream. Your dreams should be encouraged in your life, so that encourages you to transform yourself into a true winner.

Secret # 2: Words of FOCUS MJ. Train your mind to focus on a career that is your field, and get rid of trivial things that are not important.

Secret # 3: Be always the best in your field.

Secret # 4: Energy Enthusiasm is the greatest emotional fuel. Without enthusiasm, you will not achieve anything.

Secret # 5: If you want to leave footprints in the sands of time, hard work you are doing is absolute.

Secret # 6: Cause many people do not succeed, because they do not have enough facilities and self-discipline to try to achieve these ideals.

Secret # 7: Perseverance is not a long struggle, but many struggle berturu short succession.

Secret # 8: We are all responsible for our own lives, no one else can do it.

Secret # 9: Obstacles can not stop your steps. If the walls hinder, do not turn to surrender. Find all the way to climb it, through it or around it.

Secret # 10: “I can accept failure, but I can not accept if I have not tried”

Secret # 11: Winners always thought he was going to win when the match has not started. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Secret # 12: Lack of confidence is the main reason that makes us shy away from competition and struggle. And without struggle there is no possibility for success.

Secret # 13: Talent wins games, but cooperation is a solid team win every game.

Secret # 14: Give a positive role model for all people, from all what you are doing even though it was only 30 seconds.

Secret # 15: Commitment to the struggle of individuals and teams. If you have a commitment to something, you have no excuse anything except reaching your goal.

Secret # 16: A good leader, not only feasible to follow others,
A good leader should create many new leader

Secret # 17: A good leader is to empower and create value
added for each individual in the team you

Secret # 18: Ninety percent of leadership is the ability to
communicate something desired by others.

Secret # 19: People will not succeed if only relying on technology,
they will succeed if they rely on socialization

Secret # 20: Believe in others and they will be honest with you.
Treat them well, and they will show their kindness.

Secret # 21: Behind the genius embodied courage, strength and

Secret # 22: Respect generate trust, confidence produces

Secret # 23: Jordan’s words about the character. Only one person can
formulate your success in life, namely yourself.


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