Thousands of UFO Mysteries Behind the Sun Surrounded Recorded Medium

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Around January 18, 2010 then, the spacecraft three-dimensional NASA intended to monitor the sun began to record a group of giant UFO flyingobjects around the sun.

According to one observer said that the UFO was “apparently on the move, because in a number of video images from NASA, they are in different locations, flying objects are very large, the smallest possible for the planet Earth.

If this UFO is a planet or asteroid larger than a comet, then it should be the same as with the occurrence of a comet that had recently occurred, should have been withdrawn by the sun’s gravitational force is very strong. “Quantum Physicist Nassim Haramein also rejected allegations it was a comet, he said if it was a comet, the comet that size should we can clearly see the tail kometnya.

NASA Explanation: equipment failure

According to foreign media outlets report the Examiner, at first NASA still images or video to publish on its Web site, but then pulled it out with an unknown reason! Scientists, three-dimensional projection of Dr. Joe Gurman of NASA explained that this UFO stuff is due to disruption of NASA equipment, a phenomenon created by the super-compressed.

Gurman said, “from the central data logger DSN on January 18, 2010 failed, precisely on that day began at around the sun appeared UFO wave.” Gurman said that because of the central problems arising DSN data logger, photo seen UFOs because it is compressed into a “Beacon pattern”, not the normal image playback telemetry. He said that because of differences in data compression mebuat people feel like seeing a UFO.

However, those who received a letter from Gurman no one considers that the explanations of NASA can be trusted.

Foreign Civilization and Medium Detect We Entering the Solar system

Quantum physicist Nassim Haramein obtain the original photos and videos before NASA delete them, even doing an analysis from the viewpoint of quantum physics, he explains in a video that lasted about 10-minutes, UFO smaller and larger than the earth is estimated spacecraft giant alien or a giant spaceship able to cross the space and time.

Alien spacecraft is using the sun as a black hole singularity or star gate, to visit our solar system. Mr. Haramein consider three-dimensional data plane obtained by a giant UFO NASA proves that extraterrestrial civilizations using the ship for planet earth flying through the door into the sun the star of our solar system.

Nassim Haramein say that the sun often appears around the UFO. And not just one, but it is a complete formation. Actually, whether NASA or the United States Government is very aware of this, that there is a technology that controls the extraterrestrial civilizations are amazing, and allows the spacecraft to withstand the high temperatures near the sun. However, the U.S. Government was afraid to admit this fact, and still can not decide that what they would do.

While NASA’s Hiding What?

Why NASA should replace the photo and video material? What exactly are they hiding? Are human beings afraid he can not deal with extraterrestrial civilizations high technology like this?

Nassim Haramein quantum physicist, said that after he saw these flying objects, he wrote a letter via e-mail sent to NASA, asking the people at NASA do this thing that they expect. After that NASA and then delete the videos on the web site.

In 1984,. former U.S. President Ronald Reagan in the presidential inauguration speech, once told a public word of something like this: “your fathers and mothers, the future of all that is written in the Bible.” President Reagan’s words, make the international media have speculated that what the words mean?

Some people suspect that Reagan’s words may be related to predictions about the ultimate fate of mankind. It is noteworthy is that after Reagan’s re-election as president, never three times in non-ordinary occasion, expressed some concern.

In 1985, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, in a meeting with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, warned him: “man must be wary of sudden threats that come from certain creatures from other planets of the universe.”

February 16, 1987, in a conference of the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee held in the Kremlin in Moscow, Gorbachev has confirmed: “In a meeting in Geneva, the U.S. president once said that if the earth was invaded by aliens, the United States and the Soviet Union should unite to fight similar invasion like that ”

21 September 1987, at the regular meeting of the UN General Assembly to-43, President Ronald Reagan once again reminds us: “There is a threat more frightening than the war the various nations of the earth with the outside world?”

President Reagan’s words should not just at the mouth alone, the UN podium, he was not representing himself, but on behalf of the United States, backed by his own words, is a strong space technology across the United States. What makes Americans so afraid?

In fact, the Soviet Union as the strength of the second space, also gives a lot of the same views, when informed views ketkia Gorbachev met with President Reagan, he did not regard it as a joke, or deny, but he said this time still not required. In other words, Gorbachev and Reagan already knew a lot about this.

The extent of Extraterrestrial Civilizations implies

If NASA’s original data (image replacement) is true, then January 18, 2010 the emergence of thousands of UFO wave of gigantic, it shows the disclosure of extraterrestrial civilizations in the year 2010 will have wide implications. At least there are some things like the following:

We can not expect NASA to expose the extraterrestrial civilization, and Gurman said the equipment failure does not make sense, hard to believe. And also not clear why NASA delete this UFO photographs on his Web site, this is obviously hiding something.

Quantum physicist Nassim Haramein provide a reasonable explanation: extraterrestrial civilizations are detected and entered the solar system. He considered, NASA’s three-dimensional data obtained by the giant UFO prove that extraterrestrial civilizations doperkirakan use spaceships so great through the door of the sun or stars into the black hole singularity our solar system.

On January 18 the year 2010, predicted the emergence of a large group of vessels around the sun, it can be said that appeared to extraterrestrial civilizations, and in their civilization has a spaceship the size of the earth.

Spacecraft through the star door to the sun or a single point in the solar system, has the capacity to provide emergency assistance to people when needed, so this ability to break the rules of the universe, “non-intervention”.

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