Scientists Find Evidence of The Lakes of Mars radhite

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[Caption id = “” align = “aligncenter” width = “330” caption = “Former largest water sources on Mars recorded in July 2008 – RTRS”]  [/ Caption]

In the long canyon and beach, and the former is perhaps the clearest evidence of the existence of lakes on the surface of Mars – who allegedly had filled with water but now it is dry, scientists said on Wednesday (18 / 6).

“Images from a camera High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment on the plane Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the water cut the gorge along the 50 kilometers,” said a team of scientists at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The lake is believed to have a 200th the size and depth of the 450th kilometer square meter, the researchers wrote in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Now there’s no debate that there was water on Mars – a robot researchers have discovered that ice. There is also evidence that water may still seep to the surface from underground, though the water is quickly lost due to cold weather, thin asmosfir the Red Planet.

Some researchers planetary scientists have also seen what can be a giant river and the sea – but some form of it can also be debated and allegedly formed by avalanches of dry land. “This is the first evidence that no doubt about the coastline on the surface of Mars,” said Gaetano In Achille, who led the study.

“The identification of coastal strip and accompanying ecological evidence allows us to calculate the size and volume of the lake, which apparently formed about 3.4 million years ago,” he said in a statement in Achille.

Water is the key to life and scientists seek in vain for evidence of life, well in the past and present, on Mars. The existence of water on the planet that can also be useful for future human peneylitian.

“On Earth, deltas and lakes is a very good collector and conservationist signs of life past,” said the Achille. “If life had existed on Mars, the delta may be kuncil to unlock the secrets of the past biology on Mars,” said the Achille.

“Not only did this study prove that there is a long living lake systems on Mars, but we can also see that the lake formed after the warm conditions, wet alleged to have disappeared,” said assistant professor, Brian Hynek.

These lakes may have evaporated or froze for a brief perbuahan climate, the researchers said. “The water is thought to have been turned into steam .. No one knows what is changing the planet Mars from the warm and humid to be like now – frozen desert with no air.”

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