Animals – Animals Best Tough On Earth

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Have you ever thought about what the strongest animal in the world? whether the elephants? or the lion the king of the jungle? Actually animals are resilient animals here are animals which can survive in even the most extremecircumstances such as living in extremely high plains, living in extremely cold temperatures and extremely hot temperatures.

Subhan Allah, the Great God who created all living creatures each with its privileges, all these animals have been endowed by God’s strength to survivein even the most extreme situations, such as camels can survive eight days without water in arid regions.

Well want to know what animals are they? This is the most resilient animals animals on earth based on their respective strengths.

10. Chamois

They can survive in areas with very high without the disease, they can survive at an altitude of 15 000 feet without esophageal disease. they are the most powerful four-legged animals on the high.

9. Polar Bear

They can survive in extremely cold areas, the polar bear can live and survive in very extreme winter. they are the most powerful four-legged animals in cold areas.

8. Petrel

They are able to live in the surrounding sea, to eat the fish they usually chase fish in the sea. yag them the only animals able to survive after hitting thewater surface at high speed that is 90 to 120km per hour.

7. Camel

They were able to survive in areas of extremely hot and arid where there is rarely any water to drink. they were able to survive without water for eight days. Camels are the most resilient animals between four-legged animals to live in the dry and barren.

6. Emperor Penguin

They can survive in extreme winter temperatures. they are even able to survive at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Centigrade though. and they were also able to withstand the wind blowing at a speed of 100 dingiin – 140km/jam.

5. Rat

They have the bones of the body are flexible. they can survive after falling from a great height. such as falls from second story buildings. Unlike other animals, they are difficult to kill with poison, because he was immune to poison.

4. Cockroaches

They can live even if exposed to high doses of radiation or toxins. even they can still survive as long as nine days even though his head has been separated from their bodies, they died not because of his pain but rather from starvation.

3. Cylindrical worm Giant

They were able to survive up to thousands of feet under water, although water with a liquid that contains toxic waste. they can also survive in frozen water. and also can live in boiling water.

2. Weta

They can survive freezing for months and months, they can survive after losing 99% of water from their bodies when they freeze, they freeze when the heart rate and also their brains were immediately stopped.

1. Water Bear

They can survive radiation 1000x fold compared to other animals or humans, even they can live at temperatures of minus 272 degrees Celsius and as hot as 151 degrees Celsius temperature. not only that, but even these animals can survive long without water, and also able to live in space vacuum during the 10 days.

Well according to you all who are the most resilient animals on earth?

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